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Come Away, Human Child

This song took a decade to write. It's based on an evocative, classic poem by W.B. Yeats, "The Stolen Child," and the melody of the chorus has been set in my mind since 2012. That is, everything except the end . The realization that finally allowed me to complete the song was that it didn't want to be merely dreamy, but *dark* and dreamy. It shouldn't present The Fae as an an aloof observer. No - it should open a door between you and the Fae, and ask you a question...would you trust The Fae, if you should be blessed with the chance?

~ The Fae ~ Come away, human child, To the waters and the wild Come away, human child, With a faery, hand in hand For the world is more full of weeping than you can understand. Wait! As the sunlight fades and night breaks, And the world transforms, And something beautiful appears, just beyond your reach You are blessed with a choice Follow my voice chor. ~ The Mortal ~ Wait! I know I should stay, But could my fate Be undecided, still… Can I choose to live a dream, Shed the burdens I’ve been carrying Is it too naive to trust, this is what it seems Or could I… ~ Together ~ Come away, like a child… chor. ~ The Mortal ~ If I can’t find my way back to all I once held dear What are they really losing, if I should disappear? ~ The Fae ~ By now you know there is no way back, So speak the final word you know I need to hear ~ Together ~ If I can’t find my way back // By now you know To all I once held dear // there is no way back, What are they really losing // So say it, one small word, If I should disappear? // and let us fly away from here… chor.

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